Swatch Junkie Creative LLC

Swatch Junkie Creative LLC
Bernadette Smith
Swatch Junkie Creative, a Seattle-based marketing and design agency, bridges the gap between left-brain strategy and right-brain creative to help you understand, reach and retain customers. Let me help you get things done!

Hi, I'm Bernadette! I am a multi-disciplined marketing and creative services consultant obsessed with digital products. To put it simply, I love UI/UX design and front-end web development, about as much as I love nerding out on digital strategy and product roadmaps. I have spent 15 years perfecting my marketing skills in the corporate world, while simultaneously pursuing my true passion for design. Now it's time to merge the two, into a fully integrated, whole-brain approach.

The 20th century was dominated by left-brain ideology. The 21st century business environment requires that we cultivate our creative minds in order to stay ahead of the curve. (Really, it's to not get crushed by the tidal wave of innovation that can now be found at the tip of our fingers every day.) Today's customer is more concerned with meaning over accumulation, and the products and services we create and market need to reflect their existential search for meaning, for connecting. We are entering the conceptual age, where creators and empathizers can (finally) inform the way we do business and respond to the wants and needs of our customers.

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