December 2021 Developer Meetup

(PM2 Node Process Manager) Homebridge DesignInk Digital ACF Solicits Lifetime License Holders for Contributions, Urging Them to Purchase Annual Subscriptions – WP Tavern WordPress/WordPress-Coding-Standards: PHP_CodeSniffer rules (sniffs) to enforce WordPress coding conventions Cannot apply wide or full widths to nested blocks with theme.json applied · Issue #33374 · WordPress/gutenberg Holiday Happy Hour | Meetup

November 2021 Developer Meetup

Vinny’s Wicked Block Builder Phil’s Snippets Phil’s Calendar Plugin Starter Themes Tmux Cheatsheet A Better Way To Find, Fix and Prevent Accessibility Issues with Deque, Preety Kumar and Harris Schneiderman

September 2021 – Developer Meetup

Here is the Accessibility workshop: Mark Slides Block Styles, Patterns and Variations The Principle of Least Power Block Variations Not documented well and in JS They look like a new block but are essentially extending an existing core block. Michelle theme A great block-based theme Teri Event Plugin For parent’s weekend Used the …