June 2020 Developer Meetup Notes

This month, we did a Show and Tell with any projects you were working on. We had some really great demos!

Thanks to all the presenters!

Patty: Block Variations

Gabe: Headless WordPress with React

  • Using Spotify API to find music that isn’t on the service and give users the ability to vote to get it on the service.
  • React frontend
  • Votes are just comments.
  • Using ACF’s on the Custom Post Types
  • Using next.js: react framework/deployment
    • Can do server side rendering, dynamic and static site generating
  • Original idea to write totally static. Needed next.js to be more flexible.
  • Using Vercel has hosting platform which is optimized for next.js.
    • They give the option when deploying: here are the places you could put your database to be in the same datacenter as our Google Cloud datacenter.
  • Using ACF with the REST API was kind of a pain when querying posts based on that metadata.

Merrill: Block Editor replacing Divi

  • familycenteredcoaching.org
  • Client didn’t like using Divi so moved to the Block Editor
  • CPT’s for coaching toolkit and guides
  • Tools all have PDF’s on attached to them.
  • Small budget
  • Used Astra theme:
    • Pro version has additional Gutenberg plugins, grid.
    • Some filters so you can add to things.

Greg: Incorporating Laravel with WP Site

  • Record label website
  • Was on MovableType at one point
  • Didn’t want to rewrite Laravel/other DB so he got WP to talk to the Laravel DB.
  • Laravel, holds most of the data.
  • Uses composer to use a database abstraction Illuminate.
  • WP site essentially connects to the Laravel DB and displays it.


  • Site for a type foundry
  • Creates a tool that user can edit the variations of the Typefaces on the site
    • Pick font
    • Change size
    • Change leading/kerning
  • Using Elementor for most of the things on the site.
  • Type picker was done custom in Vue and inserted into the site in Elementor block.


  • Plugin built with ACF Pro.
  • Storytelling is very important at UW so she built a plugin using ACF Pro and Flexible Content.
  • Snowfall-type articles
  • Wanted to add guardrails with modules that are pre-designed but configurable.
  • Built the demo site in 15 minutes for another demo.
  • Using bootstrap.
  • Had issue with importing and exporting ACF repeaters.

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