March 2019 Developer Meetup Notes

We had a few folks plug into the projector and share some of their tooling.

Opening Remarks

WPSeattle Slack Group for questions about WP. Must request access.




  • Alfred
    • Automated workflows
    • “Snippets” allow you to copy and paste pieces of code in specific applications that you specify
    • Keyboard shortcuts to quickly add information/code
    • Clipboard – quickly access commands
    • System 
      • Sleep, Screen Saver, Shut Down, Empty Trash, etc…
    • Workflows
      • Timezones
      • Caniuse
      • Colors
      • Dash (provide local copy of docs for programing languages)
      • Clean up – common workflow to quit apps and shut down computer
  • Command Line
    • :sp command to split screens – can scroll screens independently
    • alias clocks – check time zones around the world
    • Custom aliases and functions
      • bak(), extract(), cdls(), wp_plugins(), tabname() etc…
      • Created a function _s() that has the computer speak the string that was typed
    • Figure out how to make your experience better
    • less command – allows you to search by keyword
    • Github Repo
    • say_done() – script that tells you when a long command is finished python && say_done


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