March 2021 Developer Meetup

Angela Jin Podcast on WordCamp US 2020 Cancellation and the Future of WordPress Education

Questions covered

  1. When do you not use the Build process? (by Mark)
    • Teri and Patty Mentioned using Webpack and Auto Refreshing. Not Using the build process for smaller themes, but using it for big projects.
    • Mark mentioned he is trying a project with fewer build processes. He was inspired by the idea of not having a dependency on dev tools.
  2. If you had to build a site in a day, what theme would you use / How would you approach that? (by Mark) Ruby mentioned a theme which she uses to create a business card kind of website – Seedlet
  3. How to Manage galleries better? (by Brain)
  4. Cron Jobs in WordPress (By Patty)
    • Cron job based on time instead of Triggered when the user hits the website
    • Aseem shared an example from bitnami where cron can be set up in Linux
    • Mark shared a link for paid service which can trigger cron.php at a scheduled time.
    • Action scheduler bloating database –
  5. Search (by Gnana)
    • Plugins which can make search better –
      • Aseem mentioned Ivory Search
      • Mark mentioned. – Relavansi
      • Mark mentioned – SearchWP can search PDF as well
      • Ryan mentioned – Search & Filter
      • Mark mentioned query filters can be used like –
      • Gary asked about Elastic search
  6. Full Site Editing (by Ryan)
    • Ruby – “Using these “Template Parts” with FSE compatible themes, you would be able to modify all these templates & template parts using Gutenberg editor.”
    • Ruby shared a link
  7. Next meetup topics
    • Hosting Panels (managed vs self-hosted)
    • Anything with Block Editor
    • Accessibility

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