April 2018 Notes

Thank you to David Innes for taking notes!

We met at WeWork SLU this month. We will be there again next month, this time in conference room 1B. Our topic will be case studies. If you are interested in presenting, please message Sheila or Teri on Slack (or email us).

Meryl was the featured presenter this month.
She builds/codes from other’s designs.  Does mostly WooCommerce sites.
Demos: Cornforth Photo site & FlatBike Folding bikes
Problem she faced for Cornforth: Optimizing photographer’s images, balancing their desire for high-res with SEO/performance need for minimized file sizes.
Cool trick: She coded a product preview page that lets prospective buyers imagine what a photo would look like on a living room wall.
Preferred themes: Underscores for most jobs, but also StoreFront from WooCommerce as a base theme for WooCommerce sites.

Main topic: Lead generation

Mailing lists — be consistent
Blogging – be consistent

SheMeansBusiness – business group (for women?) – advice: show the person behind the brand; build trust

Who is your target audience, how do you reach out to them?

Think “off site” to bring leads to your site

Make sure your site will convert (if you want people to call, make it easy for them to call; if you want them to signup for mailing list, make that the easy/obvious choice)

Make sure your site matches off-site marketing (mailers, Google/Facebook ads, etc.) – be recognizable, predictable, responsive to expectations you set in your off-line marketing

Know who your target audience is and speak to them!

“Three touches” people usually need to see or hear about you three times before they “register” you and decide to make contact.

Snail mail postcards work!

Social media – be persistent (pros say 3 posts a week, minimum.)  Be personal, authentic, not “slick.”

Blog posts!  (Google gives big points for active blogging)

In social media don’t use too many hashtags

Leads: Don’t hope people will find you on Google, use lead generation tools to make sure they will find you.  (I.e. mailers, cold calls, word of mouth, business cards, BNI groups, Google/Facebook ads, Yelp reviews, etc.)

Underlying truths of marketing are still true: tech only enhances and/or complicates them, it doesn’t negate them.

“Be willing to be uncomfortable”  Including presentations, classes, radio/podcast interviews.  (Note: most local radio talk show producers are DESPERATE to fill 3 hours five days a week!)

Go places that people want your services (even if they don’t know it) So other meetups (dentists, construction groups, boat shows, small business groups)

Refer both up and down.  I.e. Company A may only want big jobs, can you refer jobs you can’t handle to them?  Company B may only want small jobs, can you refer jobs that are to small for you to them?  They’ll remember and refer right-sized jobs to you.

Went around in a circle, where did you get your last two leads?

  • Owners of a business you’re a customer with
  • Found friend of a friend via social media
  • Talk about your work, a lot
  • Friend at agency
  • Ran a meetup
  • Previous client called back
  • Networked through regular work (day job?)
  • Kept asking big organization for work, finally said yes
  • SEO tuning for keywords
  • Yelp reviews
  • Google for Business listing helped generate leads
  • “Social proof” reviews
  • Mentioned doing web work at music open mic!
  • People from class
  • Web designer refers to a web developer for help building site
  • Conversation after WordPress Big Meetup
  • Got a referral back after referring business to someone
  • Referral from previous client
  • Mentioned they do web dev in church
  • Got “Oh, I need a new website…” in conversation
  • Thumbtack.com member
  • Other contractors
  • Contracting work vs. “big clients”
  • LinkedIn
  • Joined a ton of registries
  • BNI referral – someone was concerned about their biz client’s hacked site
  • Contact form on site

Inspiration website: Indihackers.com – casual builders exchange ideas
Inspiration tool: feedly.com — lets you efficiently follow lots of blogs through their RSS newsfeeds
Inspiration app: https://pursuanceproject.org  “The Pursuance Project” meant for activists, but useful for anyone.  Helps create task-based communities.
Inspiration podcast: WriteNow (Write Now?)
Inspiration podcast: Entrepreneurs on Fire
Inspirational meetup: SEO Meetup, SeattleSearch (sp?)

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