April 2019 Notes

This month we did an exercise where we each discussed our “super powers” and ideal clients.  Afterwards we paired up to do accountability with each other.


Superpower: “It’s your website!”

We help (enable?) people get the most out of their websites when they’re not able to.

– “Orphan” sites, DYI, designers and agencies who don’t want to maintain.  We also rescue broken ones and extend good ones that need more performance, new features, redesign, and training

Ideal client: “do it yourself who’s run out of gas.”



Superpower: Community connection

Ideal client: Wants full-service from design to build to hosting to ongoing upkeep



Superpower: calendars!  Trumba or Google, also maps!

Ideal client: Not looking for new clients but interested in consulting re: calendars or maps



Superpower: “Cutting edge not bleeding edge”

Ideal clients: existing agencies who need more tech, custom themes and plugins, web apps



Superpower: “Big picture!”  Been through multiple whole business cycles from startup to selling.  Design eye.  Pro photographer.

Ideal client: Needs good photography



Superpower: virtual reality / augmented reality / 360 video; writing, marketing strategy; spinning off businesses

Ideal client: business mentors



Superpower: Coding/managing Sharepoint & intranets.  Business processes, workflow, productivity.  Learns fast, solves problems.

Idea client: non-profits, small biz consultants



Superpower: interested in everything — varied background; interested in everybody!  KISS methodology, simplicity

Ideal client: small biz with simple needs



Superpower: “talk to them.”

Idea clients: Doesn’t want to do it themselves.  Small biz.  Churches.  Someone with an idea he’ll put it together for them.



Superpower: collaborators.  Building and making things.

Ideal client: someone who’ll give her a chance to use, practice her skills



Superpower:  mostly maintenance, front end, functionality, updates/additions

Ideal client: site owners who are too busy to go forward or who’ve hit roadblocks



Superpower: Can figure out anything.  Design, build, backend, intranets, collaboration.  Tends to build from scratch, i.e. custom themes.  Sweet spot: taking design to implementation.

Ideal client: non-profits, donation management, mapping data (i.e. properties.)



Superpower: Easy – communicating/explaining, performance, sustainability, design simplicity/readability.  “Good design is invisible.”

Ideal client: small biz.  Marketing support, not just WordPress but also reputation management, newsletters, social media

Notes by David Innes Real Basics

Next Month Susanne will guide us through creating a one page business plan.

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