April Meetup – SEO overview with Matt Woicik

Matt Woicik ( https://ml2solutions.com/) gave a presentation on SEO for small business.

He has a treasure trove of information on his website, including the presentation he gave. https://ml2solutions.com/services/search-engine-optimization/

We had a great discussion getting into all of the details of SEO.

Some Questions

Is there a tool to look at what competitors are using for their SEO keywords, or to see what people are using to search for a specific topic or business type?

What are some of the tools that help with keyword search?

  • ubersuggest
  • Not a lot of free tools
  • Hrefs, SEM Rush, MOZ – these are all expensive tools and may not be worth it unless you invest the time to learn how to use them

Another way is to use Google to get more info about keywords

  • Reverse engineer the results – how are competitors ranking for the same keyword. Can you figure out what are they doing? Also look at related questions, does your site answer these questions?

With and Adwords Account – you can use the keyword planner. For your own business – get a $1 a day ad, you can start to learn more about keywords.

The best way to ensure good SEO is to

  • Follow the Google Guidelines
  • Make the User Experience work for Users

Is Semantic HTML (<address>) necessary?

Its not necessary, but it certainly can help. Any information that you can provide that will help the searchbots understand what kind of content it has encountered will mean that it doesnt have to guess.

How much does Yoast do out-of-the-box with little or no config?

Having it on your site helps, but you do need to configure it to make sure that it is indexing the correct content. Adding a keyphrase for every page is helpful.

Speaking Yoast, their free classes, resources are outstanding.

How do you manage accounts for the client? Webmaster tools, etc. Do you have them sign up and invite you? Vise versa?

Matt creates a gmail account specifically for that business, then adds himself and the client. If the relationship ends, he can hand them the gmail account so they have full control.

If you run into a site that has ignored SEO for a long time and has a ton of content (including posts without meta descriptions, no alt descriptions etc) is this an expensive proposition to create SEO or can you start from today and move forward?

You can certainly start today and move forward, install a SEO plugin and go from there.

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