August 2018 Notes

Minutes from Aug 2, 2018  WP Freelancers Meetup

No Member Spotlight for this meeting. Attendees invited to speak to either of the leads about being a future Member Spotlight speaker. 10-min talk, 5-min Q&A, projector available.

Topic of the meeting, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance.

Leads opened discussion up to other topics:

How to sell site maintenance? 

  • Some include maintenance with cost of site-builds and then charge a yearly fee for hosting and maintenance. Others charge a flat monthly rate to keep WP, plugins, themes updated.
  • Keep in mind what an hour of your time is worth to you, and what expenses are involved (what tools are you buying, for example) in setting a price for maintenance.
  • Track the time spent to ensure the fees cover time spent and costs.
  • Site changes/tweaks might not be included in maintenance, or a set amount of hours of changing/tweaking may be included. Different people structure their offerings differently.
  • Some charge a flat-rate that covers everything.

Other items mentioned:

  • Zoho – free email tool
  • license costs – don’t be afraid to pay for tools if they save you time. And, pass along the costs of licenses to clients, where possible. Several examples of this were given:  Pantheon, security and is built into this host so no need for WordFence on each site; Updraft Plus Premium, the cost of this plugin is marked up 4% and built into each client’s invoice.
  •, the “wayback” machine.
  • Discussion on ensuring that somebody has the information needed to maintain client websites when you go out of town, or if something were to happen to you.
  • Tools to manage all WP sites at once: InfiniteWP, ManageWP, MainWP, others  These can be big time saving tools. Compare features as they are all different.

Topic for next month:  WP Security

Member Spotlight for next month:  Patty

Thanks to Carolyn Caster for the great notes!

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