December 2018 Notes

In December the group met at 12th Avenue Arts on Capitol Hill. We had treats for the holidays. Kelly took notes on the white board which you can see in the images below. We had several folks who’d never been to WordCamp so we talked a lot about how it’s structured and encouraged folks to get involved as Wranglers in next year’s event.

After brainstorming topics for the coming year, we set the next few meeting topics.

  • January 3: Reflections on 2018 and Business Goals for 2019
  • February 7: Noah invited his CPA Tax person to come and talk about changes in self-employed tax code and preparing for that.
  • March 7: Vanessa will present her client systems  as a kickoff to discussing the topic

David committed to exploring WP.TV in search of possible topics where we’d all watch the video as homework and then attend and discuss. See you back at Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford in the New Year. Happy Holidays.

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