December 2019 Freelancer Meetup Notes

WordCamp Retrospect

  • Maybe change from fall to late spring?
    • Not close to Portland/Vancouver/US would be good
  • Being actually in Seattle proper has been important in the past
  • down about 100 attendees this year
  • Bob said WordCamps are down overall
  • Videos will be up online
  • Some people are there just for the hallway track.
  • Volunteers
    • More people in Wrangler positions
    • Maybe do a meetup of WordCamp ideas. Help get people into the fold to help Wrangle.
  • Bernadette: SXSW volunteered. Things were very predictable. There were crew leads.
  • Framing as “rescheduling”, not cancelling.
  • Maybe we don’t need such a big venue.
  • Sessions:
    • Keynote was good
    • One workshop had technical issues
    • More time to setup everything
    • AV people could do a clicker. Slides have to be done though.
    • Did the workshops work?
    • Have requirements for attendees to pre-download stuff?
  • Mega-meetup to holdover for a Spring WordCamp?
    • Put it in the fall?
  • Feedback at each meetup asking attendees what they want in a WordCamp.
  • Keynote possibility: Kori Shaton
  • Nathan from last year: talked about pricing, another Keynote option

2020 Topic Ideas for Freelancer Meetup Group

  • Speakers
    • Annie Lacroix on Time Management
    • Matt Kolapa on Performance (might be more suited for the Dev. Meetup) – not local, so possible remote speaker
    • Other ideas for speaker topics: Taxes (Fall), Contracts, Business Development, and Coaching, Marketing.
  • The life cycle of a Freelancer business
    • Starting up
    • Closing shop
  • Case Studies and Member Spotlights
  • Scoping Work
  • External Marketing
    • Where to go and find clients (non-WP networking groups)
  • Offboarding
    • Project hand-off to client
  • Lean Coffee
  • How to sell WordPress to a client, when not to sell WordPress (other platforms)
  • Gutenberg
    • When and how to introduce your client to Gutenberg
  • Quarterly Action Plans to move our businesses forward
    • The idea is to have a meeting each quarter where the topic will help us move our businesses forward with some actionable steps
    • ie. January (Q1) the topic is One Page Business Plan. During the meeting, we will complete our plans for the following quarter and decide on our action plans for the next quarter
    • ie. in October (Q4) we can have a Tax expert (or Lawyer think contracts) come in to give a short talk and a Q&A.  From this, we can create action steps on tax preparation, etc..

Keep in mind these are just ideas we did not set dates for what topics to cover. So stay tuned.

January topic: One-page Business Plan. We will following the lean canvas one-page business plan.

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