Feburary 2018 Notes

Event Announcements

  • 3/31 Rachel Andrew talk on CSS Grid. Free tickets available from BPT
  • 11/10-11 WordCamp Seattle @ convention center

Meeting topic: Bookkeeping


Payment Processing

Time tracking &| invoicing

  • Freshbooks
  • Harvest
  • Toggl


  • Does itemization matter anymore? The new personal limit is $10k.
  • Can QBO use a payment processor other than Intuit’s? you can at least sync
  • Does Toggle integrate with Freshbooks? yes
  • Is it OK to pass transaction fees on to customers? Many businesses do it, but…?
  • authorize.net offers recurring billing, and an generate links for payments
  • Customers don’t need to have a PayPal account to make payments through it
  • QBO starts at $20/mo, but there are usually coupons available
  • Banks we use: BECU, Verity, Salal, Umpqua and those with partners use larger banks
  • Credit Karma offers free tax filing (and credit monitoring)
  • Smaller banks are able to offer new software more quickly because they don’t write their own

Next meeting is March 1
topic: process, work/life balance, “client project lifecycle”


Submitted by Gabe Herbert

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