February Freelancer Meetup Notes – Scoping, Contracts, etc.


Adrian: doesn’t charge hourly but bases it on percentage of needed salary

  • E.g. 6 billable hours / workday x 200 work days / year divided by needed salary
  • So broad scope then refine then negotiate w/ client
  • Turns into a fixed price bid

Vanessa: see Vanessa’s hourly calculator

David: “Dictatorial” approach – tell them what I want to do. (Ok, not really but I almost always come in pretty late in the design process.)

  • This makes it easier to scope work since I almost always have a clear idea of the completed job before I start
  • I require an opportunity to inspect/assess the current site before I’ll submit a bid. (There’s some agreement that I should charge for these assessments.)

Vanessa: Repairs – always hourly. “Landmarks” for clients if issues arise that will jeopardize the original estimate

Patty: Flat fee for “chunks”

  • E.g. Plugin X or Feature Y = 20 hours, then add these up to reach final estimate
  • Get into the site first for assessment before bidding — no “termites in the foundation” surprises that way

Workflow / communications / estimating

  • Use Dubsado for setting up your own workflow / communications /estimating process – Vanessa is a fan/super user  (also has a pretty good referral program)
    • Lets you have forms for estimates, bids, proposals, invoicesDiscussed project / task management
  • ClickUp – tracking tools, task management like project manager

Discussion: End of project phase

YouTube training / videos for training clients at handoff

Send “congratulations” email
Include “next steps” i.e. for maintenance/support/checkupsScoping impact:

Alan: assess the impact
Video “Pricing design Work & Creativity (value-based pricing https://thefutur.com)

Scoping vs. HourlyContracts:

  • The Killer Contract” template
  • 1-year maintenance built into website build contract

Make sure you have
– Privacy policy
– terms of service
– cookie policy

Look into MRSC Rosters (https://mrscrosters.org/) to get certified / authenticated to bid on municipal websites in Washington State (edited) 

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