July 2021 – Freelancer Meetup Notes

Lean Coffee Topics

Most used tool in toolbox?

ManageWP -> managing multiple WP sites easily (great for care plans). Plugin updates, backups, uptime monitoring, security, performance, reports.


MainWP -> similar to ManageWP. Separate plugins per feature rather than one plugin like with ManageWP.


Airtable -> one place for whole project. More user-friendly. Group by – flexible. Set up different views. Pricing can be confusing. Similar to Google Sheets but more user-friendly.


Obsidian -> replacement for Evernote. Free. Write notes with markup. Association between notes – very powerful.


CRM -> all client/prospect info in one place. No more searching email. Marketing/sales automation.



Conversion.ai (Jarvis) -> copyrighting automation. Expensive but worth it. Writes effective copy fast.


Chrome Extensions -> SEO Meta, Spacing Checker, Color Picker


Next Cloud -> Hub for everything you use for your business. Potentially better organized than Drive or Dropbox. Slick search feature.


Eagle -> Organize images. Out of Adobe ecosystem.


Do you do use retainers with clients?

Client pays for certain number of hours each month (autopay). Rather than scoping a project or billing hourly. Advantage: less billing effort, pay before work, caps expected work for the month. Disadvantage: suited only for bigger clients, can be hard to transition from existing model, can be disputed by client.

Maybe better to call it prepaid hours.

Pricing for 5 page website?

Depends on features needed for website. Ecomm or LMS going to be more. 

Flat rate v hourly. Flat rate better but careful if you’re stepping into pre-existing environment. Hourly estimate can be safer if unsure of complexity. If flat rate include an hourly rate and conditions for when it comes into play.

Focus on value you bring to price higher: performance, SEO foundations, maintainability, smooth launch. Pricing can depend on whether care plan is coming.

How do you handle major plugin updates?

Updating plugins and adapting to WP changes seems to be taking more and more time. Should we charge for that? Higher care plan price? Build into contract that more investment will likely be needed in a few years as software develops. If custom work involved, position WP in contrast to purely custom website.

How do you stay up-to-date on WP?

Meetups, Facebook groups, Email newsletters, WP Seattle Slack, podcasts



feedly.com – rss

next cloud – rss


https://wptavern.com/ – in default WP dashboard

Wordfence podcast


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