May 2019 Freelancer Meetup Notes

Lean Canvas

If you are familiar with Lean Startup, this is similar.

Slides on Google Drive

  • AKA One Page Business Plan
  • Great for brainstorming and getting ideas onto a piece of paper.
  • Great to use with clients that don’t have a biz plan.
  • “Lean” comes from Lean Manufacturing.
  • Toyota way: don’t waste things. If cars are sitting around, thats bad.
  • Build, Measure, Learn. You never get it right the first time.
  • I admire people that jump out on their own. Want to support them and make it easy for a great online presense.
  • What is the problem you are solving?
  • I need a website, the real problem is finding clients.
  • Suzanne wants to shift from Freelancer to Business.
  • Offering Hosting and Maintenance
  • Lean Startup: Everything is an experiment
  • you are making assumptions when starting out. But when customers start using the widget, it might not work the way you thought.


  • Get out of the building and getting feedback.
  • Lower star reviews are the good ones that you can get feedback from.
  • For david’s solution: there is no stupid questions.
    • Always log into site and go through if there is a backup or answer their question.
    • “Its going to be ok”.
    • Solution: preserve your investment.
  • After building Minimal Viable Product:
    • Get early adopters, setup calls and ask questions/get questions from them.
    • How I could solve those problems. Measure.
  • Be the tortoise, not the hare.
  • An early adopter might just be a friend for a website company.


  • Chamber of commerce; not all are the same.
  • Master Builders: lobbying and charitable networking.
  • SEM PDX conference for SEO.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • You probably won’t franchise your business, but what if you need to hand something off?
  • Take the time to build processes in case work coming in fast.
  • The Profit: TV show on CNBC. Invests in family businesses to turn them around. Streamlines processes.
  • Processes are good for clients that want to do things their way. A good thing to show them how the process goes.
  • Suzanne offers to clients: buy a bucket of time.
  • Have an idea of how competitors are doing things.
  • Structure your business like you are going to sell it someday.
  • $100 Startup book.

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