November 2018 Notes

Freelancer Meetup Notes 2018.11.01

Member Spotlight – Sheila Hoffman

Topic: revenue, cost-effective development strategies, affiliate links, residual income, passive income

Cost-effective development strategies, was not covered in the meeting but will be in future meetings

ManageWP, WordPress website management along with a care plan was talked about.

InfiniteWP ( was also mentioned for managing multiple websites. was mentioned for its use of ManageWP, if many of your clients have GoDaddy hosting.

Sell your value after website is built:

  • Hosting
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Update

Newsletter is a way to let clients know that you are still around.

  • Notification of updated
  • Sharing personal information
  • Share interesting links
  • Share WordCamp
  • Use good title and subject line
  • Client report from WordPress reporting
    • ManageWP
    • InfiniteWP

Share your personal website/interests to create more of a connection with your clients.

Use of auto-responders with links to support if client needs it, while on vacation.


  • Links
  • Social media management
  • SEO experts
    • Boostability
    • White labeling

Residual Income Streams

  • Amazon merge
  • Digital products
  • Offering managed hosting
  • Selling plugins and themes is another way of creating revenue

Other mentions during the meeting

  • Gravity Forms
  • Gravity Perks
  • Advanced Custom fields
  • Business relationships
  • Payment plan
  • Paypalme
  • Zoho mail server
  • Divi

Next month’s meeting will be Thursday December 6. Temporary Location at 12th Avenue Arts on Capitol Hill. Take the LINK, allow time for parking, inexpensive parking at Kaiser on 15th at Denny. Bring a treat to share if you feel in the holiday spirit.


  • Share what you learned and liked at WordCamp and what could be even better in 2019.
  • We’ll brainstorm and prioritize topics for 2019.
  • Next month’s Member Spotlight will be Teri Shelton

Notes taken by Phil Kane.

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