October Freelancer Meetup Notes – Client Management

What tools, processes, practices does everybody use to manage leads and clients?

  • Trying out Hubspot (can report back how that goes)
  • Push everything to Gmail. Insightly for tasks pushes to Gmail using Zapier. Task group called follow up in Gmail. Spreadsheet with headers for each step of the workflow. Rescuetime for time tracking.
  • Trello board for each client. If This Then That connects it to Remember the Milk for tasks. Evernote for everything else.
  • Dubsado good for proposals, contracts, and invoices – not a lot of features for CRM and time-consuming to fully set up


How to share passwords with clients?

  • LastPass – share passwords feature
  • How to convince them to use password manager? Have them open non-default browser and try to log into things.
  • OnePassword
  • One Time Secret – for sending self-destructing messages a la James Bond
  • TutaNota – encrypted email
  • For websites zip files and large files – use DropBox or Google Drive


How to address privacy, cookie policy, GDPR, accessibility and other legal compliance issues with clients?

  • make sure contract has clear protection (“errors and omissions”, “this site is yours”)
  • Google Analytics, Stripe, AdSense and others require privacy policy on site in their terms of service. Can be compelling for clients.
  • Tie accessibility to SEO
  • https://userway.org/
  • Lots of misinformation and evolving information around these topics
  • Hard to get clients to care about mobile much less accessible


How to deal with a client who doesn’t pay?

  • Learn from it and ensure it can’t happen again in the future
  • Get payments in installments – https://webcamicafe.com/how-to-make-sure-you-always-get-paid-as-a-freelancer/
  • Return to the contract – make sure contract mentions what happens in case of non-payment
  • For larger amounts, refer to lawyer – have them send email
  • Don’t let them ever be in a position where they owe you – only deliver after payment
  • Often can tell who the trouble clients will be – trust your gut


How to deal with a client who asks for out-of-scope work?

  • Define scope carefully at the beginning of project
  • Refer back to the contract
  • Have hourly rate for out-of-scope work
  • Say “great idea – let’s add that to the next scope of work”


What does everyone use for accounting and billing?

  • Harvest
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Quickbooks Desktop
  • Freshbooks
  • Stripe/Paypal
  • Custom with WooCommerce (Subscriptions, Deposits, Follow-Ups, Name Your Price)


Next Month Ideas

  • Automation – Zapier and/or IFTTT expert walkthrough


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