September 2019 Freelancer Meetup Notes

Client Relations

  • Make client relations part of your business model
  • Be timely with responses
  • Be a little flexible in your process to help balance different types of clients

Expectation Management

  • Define project goals at the start and be up front with clients about requests that constitute scope changes.
  • If you are struggling defining project scopes to help set client expectations, then maybe you need to back step are relook at defining a clear business model so you can be clear with your client about what you can provide.

Client Life Cycles

  • Have a clear idea of what you expect your client life cycle to be in your business plan. Are you locking them into your hosting? Are you collecting on going payments for allocated maintenance hours or billing and managing update requests as they come in.
  • Have strategies in place for managing frequent post project client questions and help requests. (See On Going Client Management section below)

On Going Client Management

  • Create your own informational help material such as “How To” articles and instructional videos for common things that clients ask you about so they can either find the answers on their own or you can provide them quick links to help direct them.
  • WP Help Plugin can help feed in your help articles pre-built into a parent site into your client websites.
  • – Easy to use video app and browser extension for recording instructional screen captures.

Business Management Tool

  • – (Vanessa’s referral code) Project management, Time Tracking, centralized client communication and uploaded resources, client portals.

Notes thanks to Anthony Brown

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