Member Spotlight Guidelines

Note: These are the guidelines for the Freelancers’ Meetup member spotlight. Feel free to use these for your own Meetup.


To facilitate getting to know other members over time and to build community. Remember this is NOT an opportunity to sell anything, rather to help us get to know you and make connections.


The Meetup Hosts will select and invite members to be spotlighted based on their history and past participation in the community. Generally those who have attended consistently for 6+ months are eligible. We will look for diversity of skill sets (front-end vs back-end, coder vs designer) as well as consider gender balance.


After the usual introductions and before the Meetup’s topic the featured member will be given 15 minutes on the agenda. It’s ideal to plan on presenting for 10 and leaving 5 for Q&A. Time will be strictly monitored with time checks. We will select the next month’s person at each meeting so they have a full month to prepare. There will be a projector available.

The presentation should begin with the basics: name, business name, how long in business, how long using WP, how you use WP, who your market is, what your primary skill set is. Then you may choose to either do a single in-depth case study OR show your own website and a sample of the kinds of sites you build.