Host Resources

Name tags (PDF)
Note: If you wish to include printed names, you can bring the PDF into InDesign and add large first names in the blank spots. Or you can just print them and have folks write in their names. You could also print twice, once for the template and then do the names in Word and print again. This template uses the stock Avery 5395 with 8-up.

Expense Reimbursements

Exit Survey: This short survey is a great way to gauge interest and get quick feedback on your Meetup.

Freelancers’ Meetup Member Spotlight Guidelines

Video Resources (from and WordCamp Central)

Meetup slides
Starter slide deck including Welcome/Intro, 5 Good Faith Rules, and link to our Code of Conduct
PowerPoint | Keynote

Meetup Agenda Outline

Meetup Resources and Materials: checkout or request available resources for  your Meetup